We are the service platform for tied and untied financial intermediaries

Since 2006, we have been providing financial intermediaries with active support in everyday and exceptional matters. Our service platform provides them with easier access to product providers (a wide range of insurers, banks, etc.), as well as various advantages relating to efficiency. We would also like to draw your attention to the very advantageous conditions associated with our offer.
Ever since our company was founded, we have been adapting constantly to the requirements of the markets and are now in a position to offer advisory, training and administrative services that meet the toughest requirements. As such we can offer you everything from a single source, and we never stand still. The Sedona team is always at the cutting edge, observing, analysing and interpreting the industry so that we are always at the forefront of the B2B sector: professionals for professionals.
We offer a wide range of services and a variety of added value in the areas of CRM, administrative and sales support, partner contracts, and training and professional development. Thanks to this service, you can devote yourself entirely to supporting and advising your own customers and leave the administration to us.


The partner at your side.
Everything from a single source.

We offer a wide range of services: for small businesses to large companies. The focus is on reducing your administrative workload so that you have more time for and with your customers. In addition to our administrative services, we also offer technical expertise and are at your side if, for example, you need support in special cases, input for products that you do not need frequently, or updates on products/FINMA regulations/laws. The time saved means that you now have enough capacity to acquire new customers. In this way, you strengthen your customer relationships and have the best preconditions available for increasing your turnover through more productive work.

Back office and sales support

Sedona offers various back office and sales support services. You can put together your own individual service packages:

  • Specialist telephone
  • Accounting
  • Call answering
  • IT support
  • Marketing support

Sedona offers the following administrative services:

  • Correspondence
  • Accounting
  • Quotations
All-in-one service for brokers

True to our motto “everything from a single source”, Sedona offers customised comprehensive solutions for financial intermediaries.

Efficient, structured workflows

Sedona has many years’ experience in efficient and structured work processes. Our experience helps you to maintain an overview and provides the necessary transparency.

Application monitoring and processing operations

Sedona carries out application control and processing operations for you and provides reports based on pre-defined guidelines. These guidelines will be implemented in accordance with your wishes.

Mandate processing

Sedona provides partial or complete processing of mandates. This includes the preparation of the mandate, the filing of the client’s contracts and informing you of any changes to the contract. All ready to go, so you can discuss everything with your client.

Sales support

With Sedona, you have a partner at your side who also supports and advises you on sales.

Quotations and comparisons

Sedona produces quotations and comparisons for you and provides you with facts and figures to support your decisions.

Document dispatch

Sedona takes care of time-consuming tasks for you, such as sending application and information documents. This is often one of the first contacts with customers. Appropriate care is important to us in correspondence and dispatching – both in digital and paper form.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Sedona helps you find, acquire and retain customers.

SME Service

Sedona supports you as you build your business and offers a wide range of services to help you get up and running faster.


Concentrate on what is important.
Your customers.

Customer relationships need to be maintained, and clear work processes make this easier. Sedona supports the creation of specific work processes and/or offers ready-made solutions, which saves you valuable time.

Claims and complaints management

Sedona can be your customers’ first point of contact for claims and complaints. In these situations, an attentive ear and an understanding of the needs of customers is required.

Employee training

Sedona offers training for office and external sales staff in the financial sector.

Customer loyalty management

Once a customer has been acquired, Sedona helps to define and assign various workflows. For customer requests, these workflows can be retrieved either automatically or manually.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Sedona supports you with powerful tools for marketing, sales and customer service operations.


A vital service provider.
Right from the start.

Ever since our company was founded, we have been adapting constantly to the requirements of the markets and are now in a position to offer advisory, training and administrative services that meet the toughest requirements.
Our service company operates based on the following principles:
integrity, experience, know-how and professional development.
We are convinced that this foundation will enable us to offer you exceptional service.


We are here for you.

What are your requirements, plans and goals? We look forward to hearing from you, and are convinced that we can provide added value for your company.
Find out more about us. No obligation. No complications.